Apley Film Location

The Estate can provide a diversity of locations, ranging from riverside walks along unspoilt and uncommercialised banks of the River Severn, to virtually untouched ancient woodland carpetted with bluebells in the Spring. In addition we own farmland with modern or derelict farm buildings available for location work, and also have our own sawmill. There is a very photogenic suspension bridge over the River Severn which would provide a source for many creative ideas – a gift for any location manager.

Apley was one of the locations for a BBC drama series “Never Come Back”, starring James Fox and Martin Clunes. The producers were quick to appreciate the stunning, unspoilt location which Apley can provide, set in the beautiful Severn Gorge.

In 2000 Time Team visited Bridgnorth to investigate the area around St Mary’s Church. Part of the dig concentrated on Pan Pudding Hill – an ancient monument in the ownership of Apley Estate. This was the site of the original Motte and Bailey Castle and was also used as a cannon firing position in the Civil War siege of the town.

In 2009 the Estate featured in a major new television series presented by Griff Rhys-Jones. Following on from the success of his very popular programme “Mountain”, Griff has filmed at various locations in Britain for a series highlighting the diversity and historical importance of our inland waterways. Griff’s production company, Modern TV, chose Apley because it is a beautiful, unspoilt stretch of the River Severn. The filming featured a druid ceremony which involved Rhys-Jones being immersed three times in the river. Further filming took place in a cave close by where Griff sampled the life of a hermit. Griff Rhys Jones in his Rivers programme said “this is a complete rarity in Britain, if I listen really really hard I can just hear a noise which I think might be a road”.

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