Skylark Nature Trail

Our free Skylark Nature Trail is so called due to a large number of Skylarks we hear in Spring and Summer. They’re hard to see, as they’re small and hover so high. They hover, watching for seeds and insects.

The trail begins and ends in the car park at Apley Farm Shop. It is about 1 mile (1.5 km) and takes about 45 mins. There are 7 information boards – Field View, Badgers, Farming, History, Woodland, Geology and Hedgerows. Enjoy a rest on the benches near each Information board.

Follow the arrows and on your journey look out for the badger setts, what’s growing in the fields, the owl nesting boxes in the woods, and what’s growing in the hedgerows.

Our Nature Trail includes chainsaw animal carvings, made by Dave Bytheway, how many will you be able to spot?

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