Apley Sporting

Apley Estate has three beats and the family shoot regularly during the season. A limited number of let days are available each year but are usually highly sought after so it is important to register interest early.
The emphasis is on providing high challenging birds rather than large bags. Our let days offer an enjoyable day’s sport in beautiful surroundings with lunch provided at one of the estate properties.

Our gamekeepers are all experienced countrymen, some of whom have worked on the estate for all of their working lives. Game management goes hand in hand with conservation and helps to maintain biodiversity through the control of invasive and predatory species.
If you would be interested in taking a shooting day please call the estate office on 01952 582770 in the first instance to register your interest.

“APLEY HALL – The Golden Years of a Sporting Estate” written by Norman Sharpe, ex head keeper on Apley Estate.Available to purchase from Merlin Unwin Books at a very reasonable cost of £10. For further details please click the picture.Norman Sharpe was a gamekeeper on the Apley Estate, born into a family of gamekeepers. His father had been head keeper from 1902 and Norman and his brother spent their early lives growing up on a sporting estate in the Shropshire countryside.

After his service in the First World War, in which he was badly injured, Norman returned to Apley eventually succeeding his father as head keeper in 1928 and it is really from this point onwards that his book comes to life, richly describing life on a country estate in its heyday between the wars.

The profusion of wildlife, the now long gone farming methods and the lives of the people who both lived and worked on a private estate in this era are lovingly written about by Norman Sharpe. His book will appeal to readers of all ages who have an interest in how our ancestors lived their lives. The River Severn runs through the heart of the estate and offers some of the best coarse fishing in the country.

Fishing is available through membership of one of the local clubs – Bridgnorth Angling Society or the Royal British Legion Angling Society. These clubs can be contacted via Ms Rosa Bailey on 01746 766774. Alternatively, day tickets are available from Middle Severn Angling, Bridgnorth, telephone 01746 769070. Fishing on the River Severn offers the opportunity for an enjoyable day’s sport in beautiful surroundings. Access for anyone with impaired mobility is possible by driving along the Old Railway Line by prior arrangement with the Estate Office.