Apley Estate

The Apley Plan
– Delivering a Sustainable Vision

The Apley Plan sets out to develop the Apley Estate as a long term commercial enterprise while fostering strong communities, improving the local & wider environment & cherishing its distinctive landscape & historical heritage.

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The Apley Estate consists of some 8,500 acres (3,500 hectares) set in beautiful Shropshire countryside, predominantly to the North of the market town of Bridgnorth and is bissected on a North – South line by the River Severn which for centuries was an important trading and transport artery, but is now a tranquil waterway much admired by the local fishermen and nature lovers alike.

The Estate is still in the ownership of descendants of the family who purchased it in 1868 and we now have three generations of the Hamilton family who are committed to ensuring its continued existence.

Apley Estate comprises approximately 300 residential properties as well as let commercial and agricultural properties. The majority of our cottages are rented out and we have a deserved reputation for the quality of our lettings.

In addition to property and agricultural lets we have a successful well established sporting enterprise with let shooting days. Coarse fishing permits can also be purchased for a day, week or a season at very reasonable cost.