Apley Estate consists of 8,500 acres of land and approximately 300 residential, commercial and agricultural properties located closely to the historic market town of Bridgnorth in the beautiful county of Shropshire.  Shropshire is one of England’s few remaining rural idylls, and a county with a rich historical, architectural, geological and botanical past.

Apley Estate has been present since the Domesday Book and it’s longstanding relationship with the land, waterways and it’s people have given us a unique perspective as trusted custodians over the land, property, and communities within its boundaries.

The Estate is still in the ownership of descendants of the family who purchased it in 1868 and have three generations  of the Hamilton family, a board of trustees and a dedicated team of specialist emloyees who are committed to its sustainable future.

Delivering a Sustainable Vision

The Apley Plan sets out to develop the Estate as a long term commercial enterprise while fostering strong communities, improving the local & wider environment & cherishing its distinctive landscape & historical heritage.