Whether you are looking for an affordable secure home for your family, premises that meet your individual business requirements, long-term tenancy agreements,  Apley support specific and unique businesses to enable expansion and development and we will have what you are looking for.

Our beautiful properties are maintained to a high standard, repaired, renovated and redeveloped on an individual basis.  Apley own, provide and manage a variety of residential properties and commercial premises based throughout the surrounding areas of Bridgnorth, Shropshire.  Should you have any questions for our team then either complete an application form, call us on 01952 582770, or email [email protected]

Apley support their tenants and understand that currently times are hard for a good many of us, we wish to create long term relationships, partnerships and co-partnerships, and be involved with developments that reflect our Estate values and Apley Plan vision.  

Apley has experience in manging our four main areas of investment property, residential, commercial, agricultural and development property and are in a unique position of being able to offer our tenants and businesses with the real ability to grow, diversify, expand and develop.  Our integrated thinking Estate wide allows us to apply our knowledge, experience and understanding across all aspects of our businesses.  

Apley’s management approach understands that economic and social development is accepted better whilst it supports nature, in an environmentally advantageous manner, adding meaningful value to our local community.  We have set out our core principles and Estate objectives with our Trustees, Managers and Stakeholders and we revaluate and monitor them against performance.

Apley residential properties are renown for their beautiful rural and semi-rural locations, renovated to high standards and available on a long term secure letting basis.  To find your perfect property, see our availabilities and to register your interest please see our Residential Property page below.

Our commercial properties vary largely, we have businesses with very niche and specific needs and we have adapted and renovated our property in accordance with the tenant’s requirements collaboratively creating premises allowing for the business to expand, diversify and develop. 

Apley have the ability to offer this option to individual businesses on a case by case basis due to being in the advantageous position of owning all of our property and land outright.

For further information, to discuss your requirements or to see our current tenant testimonials please click on the link below to our Commercial Property page. 

Apley like many major land owners and businesses are constantly evaluating, assessing and improving how we do what we do and when and where we do it. Diversifying and developing our business options is key to the Estate and we appreciate the many underlying considerations, objectives and aspects required in achieving this. 

Ensuring our buildings and their premises are created and developed in a context that sits comfortably with it’s surrounding environment and it’s historical context is vital to Apley.  We provide rural premises to businesses giving them the ability to operate and thrive in rural communities. 

For further information or enquiries please call us directly on 01952 582770 or email [email protected]