Apley value it’s local community and both encourage and develop strong relationships with the local community, working on a number of initiatives and projects supporting local organisations, businesses and schools. We are committed to educating our local community by increasing their involvement and understanding of the work that is being under taken on the Estate.

Apley’s history can be traced back to the Domesday Book, since that time only four families have owned the Estate and it’s last ownership change was 150 years ago in 1868. Throughout the years the Estate has made significant and ongoing contributions to the Community of Bridgnorth and surrounding rural areas.

Apley provide long term rental properties and our tenants are important to us, we want to have long term relationships with them and their families.  A number of our tenants have lived and worked on the estate for several generations with some being able to trace their connections back for more than 100 years. We have even had a tenant who lived on the estate in the same house for 102 years!

Retaining good staff is always important to any business, Apley have managed to achieve this with the majority of it’s key employees and currently have several staff members with more than 40 years service.  Apley has even provided employment for three generations of the same family, following in their family’s footsteps.

Over the years Apley has given both land and buildings to Bridgnorth, the Crown Meadow was gifted to the town at the time of the Queen’s Coronation, Bishop Percy’s House was given to the Bridgnorth Boys Club, a forerunner of the Scouts.  Apley currently provide a building for the British Legion and many years ago gave both the Market Hall and Bridgnorth Castle to the town.

What Apley does for the Community

Apley has a long-standing relationship with the land, it’s people and benefit our local community greatly, we are in a unique position to be able to afford a number of provisions to the benefit of all.  We provide the land for the Tennis Club, Cricket Club, Golf Club, Bowling Clubs, Norton Village Hall, the playground field at Norton, land for allotments, providing numerous public rights of way across Apley land including a permissive walking and cycling route along the Linley track.  Alongside this Apley are active members in a number of community groups, from Sporting Bridgnorth, Zero Carbon for Shropshire Initiative and Sustainable Bridgnorth to name a few.

Each year, Apley invests more than £1,000,000 to support commercial ventures across the Estate, which includes approximately 300 residential proprieties, 40 businesses, from start ups, farmers, manufacturers, independent retailers and food/drink producers.

Apley is home to a vast range of businesses, contains a diverse range of employment opportunities, supports a wide range of skills and specialisms, contributes directly to our local economy and provides affordable housing.