Apley Estate delights at the sustainability progress made by their allotment holders.

Apley Allotments, in the heart of Bridgnorth, have been present for hundreds of years and continue to be a hive of activity in 2022. Our allotments play a valuable role in the health and wellbeing of our local community and the environment by uniting people with a common interest in growing fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables and providing low mileage, field to fork food for their own families to enjoy.

In recent years the allotment holders have worked as a community to design and implement a system where as much rainwater as possible is harvested all year round. Almost every roof and surface can be found to have a drainage system that is used to fill over 40 IBC water containers. Water pumps are then used by the growers to move the water around the allotments, providing the essential water needed to continue growing plentiful crops throughout the year. There’s also signs of technology helping the community here, with several allotment holders now making use of small solar panels to provide any electricity they need on site. This clever use of technology can be seen to control timed watering systems in greenhouses and on plots across the allotments.

When Apley representatives Linda Harris and Hayley Corfield visited, local growers Martin Preece and Martin Roper were on hand to give them a tour of the much-loved allotments.

“At this time of year, we’re just starting to harvest potatoes, cabbages and different varieties of runner beans. We’ll take some for our family and give the rest to friends.” Martin Roper told them. Mr Priest added “Everyone works together up here and it’s important for many of us to get out and see friends while we do something we enjoy”

When asked about the sporadic concrete standings Mr Priest explained “There have been people here with mobility issues so we worked together to put some stable footings in so they can be safe and steady while still tending to their allotment”

Allotments are a great way of connecting people with nature whilst improving mental well being and giving a real sense of achievement. Graeme Manton, Apley Director said, “The demand for our allotments here in Bridgnorth remains high with many enquiries coming from younger generations.  Our allotments bring the community together which is why we continue to provide land for this benefit. We hope future generations continue to learn valuable skills here that will ultimately benefit their families and the environment in years to come”.