From field to fork, our traditional butchers offer a selection of the best quality hand cut meats. Our hand selected range includes beef, free-range pork, chicken, lamb and turkey. Seasonally we also have venison, partridge & pheasant for sale which is sourced from the Apley Estates.


Supplying local produce to our local community is economically and environmentally beneficial and sits hand in hand with our Apley vision. Our experienced team offer hand cut, local, high quality meats and are always on hand to help customers with specific recipes and ideas.

Shropshire Spring lamb

Locally sourced and raised on the Shropshire Hills. We supply all cut from whole legs to chops, cutlets and more.  Seasonal Spring lamb is one of our most popular products, and is extremely tender with a milder flavour.


Award-winning local beef

From sirloin steaks to the perfect topside joint for Sunday Lunch, we offer all cuts. Our beef is sourced from the award-winning herd of British white cattle on one of our tenant farms – Oldington Farm. They are so close you may even see them across the fields from the Farm Shop. Beef is matured for 30 days to ensure the fullest of flavour.


Free-range pork

Packington’s high quality free-range pork is available in chops, loin, marinated ribs, award-winning sausages and more. The Apley Kitchen use this fantastic product in a range of their dishes.


Seasonal local venison

Sourced from local deer herds that have free roam of the Apley Estate woodlands, this venison is one of the leanest meats available. Available between October and March, this is one of our quickest products to sell out!