Crowgreaves Commercial Development with Imperial Bricks

At Crowgreaves Farm we’ve converted former disused farm buildings including a range of very attractive traditional brick buildings to provide a site that it specifically tailored to meet the needs and unique requirements of our tenant Imperial Bricks.  It has been collaboratively designed with our Architects, Environmental Advisors, and Imperial Bricks to ensure that the conversion of the buildings was done as sympathetically as possible.

We have achieved this without having to create any new openings for windows or doors being cut into the buildings and a later extension being removed to take the building back to its original design.  The office area, extending over 3000 sq ft provides well designed open plan work space, with meeting rooms, private offices, high ceilings, incorporating many original features to achieve a light and airy working environment.

From an environmental aspect we have incorporated as much insulation as possible to minimise the building’s carbon footprint and are heated with an air source heat pump which provides heating without using fossil fuels.  We have also developed the site to enhance local wildlife, putting up bat and bird nesting boxes in appropriately positioned locations and will be surrounding the whole site with a mixed thorn hedge which will provide habitat for birds and other species.

Imperial Bricks is a significant employer with a high number of staff.  The building and development industry continues to remain strong and Imperial Bricks have been able to expand and develop their business and workforce quickly over the past few years.  They have become a renown business, creating bespoke, traditional, handcrafted, wirecut and pressed bricks with a vast array of reclaimed bricks that can be tailored for restoration, renovation and conservation of period properties.  Imperial Bricks have carved out a niche for themselves within the marketplace and have become a major independent supplier of specialist bricks and related building materials to the building industry throughout the country.