Shelby’s Hairdressers

Shelby’s is home to Benjamin an award-winning and well-respected barber within the West Midlands.

With many years experience of being a traditional gent’s barber, Ben has a huge following spanning across the country and the globe.

Since the launch of Shelby’s the customer base has built on Quality and Service and so has the Team now working at Shelby’s Cam, Aaron, Connor & Jordon are all full-time barbers at Shelby’s Bridgnorth with more to come like Traditional wet shaves with hot towels, and other male grooming services.

Our goal is to offer the best quality cuts with the most professional service possible and shortly we will be taking appointments so you can request your favourite barber on certain days with no waiting time.

Location: 72 High Street, Bridgnorth, 

Telephone: 01746 218010

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: /shelbysbarbers

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