Welcome to Apley Dog Park

Enjoy having EXCLUSIVE use of our Apley Dog Park where you can let your dog off its lead in this securely fenced area (just under 1 acre). This is suitable for dogs NOT jumping fences higher than 5ft.

There will NOT be other dogs in the park during the time you’ve booked.  Please do not let any else into the park during your booked slot. 

Tickets can only be used on the day & at the time of booking ONLY.

Your 1-hour time slot entitles you to 45 minutes on the dog park, leaving you 15 minutes to in at the Farm Shop and to get to and from the Dog Park. 

On arrival

  1. Show your online booking number at the cash till in the Farm Shop. 
  2. Sign our Code of Conduct
  3. Show your vaccinations certificate (see below)
  4. Exchange the dog park key for your car key. 

DOG POO collection: Please pick up all your dog’s excrement, this is a condition of using our Apley Dog Park. Please always take & use bags. The field will be checked after your use. We use CCTV. Spot checks will be made. If you do not dispose of your dog’s excrement, you will no longer be able to use the Dog Park. 

The Dog Park will be mowed once a month & sanitiser will be provided at the entrance gate. 

Before leaving

  1. Lock the Dog Park gate behind you
  2. Exchange the Dog Park key for your car key

Questions we’ll ask you when booking

  1. Is your dog microchipped? This is obligatory for all hirer’s of the Apley Dog Park
  2. Is your [female] ‘in season’?
  3. Is your [female] dog neutered?
  4. At which veterinary practice is your dog registered?

Vaccinations certificates

The following must all be up to date at any time when using the Apley Dog Park

  1. Distemper
  2. Hepatitis
  3. Parvo Virus
  4. Leptospirosis L4 or L2

Monthly anti-flea & worming treatments are advised by vets

Treatment against kennel cough is not obligatory for hiring our Dog Park

During your visit

  1. All dogs must be on a lead when at Apley Farm Shop. They can of course be let off the lead in the Dog Park
  2. All dogs must wear a dog collar & ID tag
  3. All dogs must be microchipped
  4. All dogs must hold an up to date vaccination certificate
  5. All dog excrement must be picked up. Dog owners must use the bins provided. Please do not drop any litter at all including cigarette ends. 
  6. Water: Please take your own water containers which can be filled up at a tap on our exit drive.