Solar Field at Apley Farm Shop

Solar energy benefits the environment by harnessing free and bountiful energy from the sun. It benefits by creating cheaper energy as well as being an energy source that is free from greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants and does not require the use of water in order to produce electricity.

Minimising the use of energy at Apley Farm Shop has always been a key objective of our business, and it currently uses a district heating system using a woodchip boiler using locally source woodchip.  Solar Panels were incorporated on the roof of the Apley Playbarn, all of the electricity generated from which provides power for our site.

Taking this one step further now seems like a natural progression for us in order to become more self-sufficient and further reduce our dependence on the National Grid. In 2021 we will be creating a solar field that will be capable of generating up to 90% of our daytime electricity requirements.  Our solar field combined with our existing solar panels will mean that virtually all of our electricity will be generated sustainably onsite