Sorrel Farm salad bags now stocked at Apley Farm Shop | June 2023

salad bags
Organically grown Salad bags now stocked in Apley Farm Shop! 

Sorrel seasonal salad bags are now stocked here at our Apley farm shop! We are delighted to be working with Heather from Sorrel farm to provide the best quality, organic salads to our customers. Over the past 10 years Heather has worked as a kitchen gardener to restaurant chefs across the country. After moving back to Shropshire, Heather set up sorrel farm in February 2022, embarking on a personal dream to build a nature friendly haven. Through being the grower, harvester, packer, driver and all jobs in between, Heather has been able to create a successful market garden which works in harmony with nature.

3/4 acre rented parcel of land features native hedgerows and a silver birch groves leaving half of the field wild, allowing nature to thrive alongside the now new rows of vegetables. The field is situated on the edge of a 60 acre Shropshire Wildlife Trust site, surrounded on two sides by traditional wildflower meadows. These and the wider site provide a biodiverse ecosystem teeming with wildlife and birds.

Sorrel Farm is a small scale market garden specialising in naturally grown, fresh, nutrient-rich Shropshire salads that are packed full of flavour. This flavour changes with the seasons, allowing Heather to provide an ever-changing variety of leaves and textures throughout the year.

Sorrel farm food is grown organically whilst caring for the soil and ecology by not digging. This allows for natural organisms to thrive, increasing the soils overall health and therefore that of the plants and those that eat them. You can feel confident that your salad from sorrel is not only healthy and nutritious but also enriching the local environment.

Heathers motivation and drive to work towards a future in which local small scale farms and market gardens will become more of a focus and her passion towards providing clean, healthy and sustainable food is something that we also posses here at Apley, and we look forward to our future working together to strive towards these goals.